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Republic Wireless, a division of, brings in the innovative idea of relying on Hybrid Calling technology and offering the cheapest unlimited plan on market.

Republic uses T-Mobile and Sprint coverage when WiFi is unavailable.

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As previously announced, Republic Wireless GSM phones and plans are now available.Mobile devices were supposed to free us from the tethers of landlines.

The best cell phone plans combine optimal speed, coverage, and reliability.Ultra-cheap carrier Republic Wireless has been offering one heck of a cheap unlimited data plan for years now.The reason for this, so we hear, is that Republic Wireless uses its app to prioritize using Wi-Fi for you to place a call.The best cheap cell phone plan on our list comes from Republic Wireless.Republic Wireless has long had one of the cheapest data plans on the market and has been a true disrupter in the mobile plan space.Republic Wireless and Walmart Family Mobile have a lot in common, including no-contract plans that you can start and cancel at any time.

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With Republic Wireless, you have to pay up front for one of their phones which has their special software installed.We analyzed plans, talked to experts, and crunched data to help guide you to the best carrier for you.

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While researching what carrier offered the best deals in wireless, we were pleasantly surprised to find Republic Wireless came in the top spot.

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My phone loads soooooooo much slower than my old phone which was through Verizon, it is actually a big inconvenience because I use my phone for directions a lot.Republic Wireless users are even more savvy, using less than 1GB each month.Republic Wireless just announced that they are releasing 7 new phones, a new network partner and new calling plans.Read how to find the best cell phone plan for study abroad students in Europe, and recommended student phone plans in Italy, England, Spain, France, and Germany.Unfortunately, many wireless plans can leave us tethered to expensive contracts and oppressive terms.

Republic Wireless has announced some big changes to its network and phone selection, giving customers more options for high-end phones.

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An Update, 3 months later: I continue to use the Republic Moto X as my primary phone, and could not be happier with the phone and the company in general.Tired of cell phone plans that lock you down, then add extra fees.