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Anybody know where to get a cheap propane tank MORE than 20lb.Not only are customers paying more to exchange, they are getting less propane than if they refilled their tank.For an additional fee, full tank deliveries are also available to customers without a tank to exchange.From fill-up stations to delivery, we are a full-service propane company.

Propane is also very convenient, and can be delivered right to your door.

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However, if you can, try to find a retailer that refills your tank on the spot, offering you only the amount of propane you truly need.

It operates a nationwide propane business through its subsidiary AmeriGas Propane, L.P., which markets and sells propane and propane-related services, including distributing and supplying bulk propane to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers, as well as filling, distributing, marketing, and selling propane exchange tanks.A tank exchange will always be the cheapest option and most of your gas stations and retailers will have tank exchange options.

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We offer unbeatable propane cage pricing and reliable service to commercial and government buyers and to the public.Before you exchange your existing tank, it will need to be checked out to see it is acceptable for exchange.Tanks are only good for 7 years and you may end up with one that is going to expire soon.Grocery stores and gas stations often have cheap tank exchanges that are convenient if travelling but not as cheap as filling up at a propane dealer.

For many, sizing a tank so that you only need to buy in the summer when rates are low is a big incentive.

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There are thousands of locations across the country that sell propane.


The Manchester Tank propane cylinder has powder coat paint for maximum rust protection and a handle-EZ collar design-the only collar.We have now expanded our local tank delivery service to include a 20 lb (5 gal) tank exchange for your patio heaters and BBQs, with no delivery charge.

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That means you are being shorted the amount of propane that the tank can actually hold.

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We have a huge inventory of propane tanks, propane regulators, propane valves and various other propane parts.

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In addition, there are services such as Forklift Propane Exchange and Propane Taxi that will deliver exchange tanks to your home or business.Due to the fact that we have the 5 gallon tank inverted, we are pushing liquid in to the 1lb cylinder.

Propane Man is proud to meet the needs of propane customers throughout the area.Exchange tanks are not filled to the maximum legal limit, 20lb tanks often contain only 15lb of fuel.

Contact your local office for propane delivery, service, and billing inquiries.Propane Genie fills all of its tanks to capacity, ensuring fulfilling grilling sessions and preventing bun-only barbecues.All the exchange places reduced the amount of gas they put in the exchange tanks but pretty much left the price the same.Compare your propane company options in Florence, CO, and find out about propane exchange locations and propane costs.

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